How to increase your car\'s fuel efficiency.

  • Ogos 31, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: With the petrol prices shooting through the roof and the precious resource depleting like the flash, we are in a constant struggle to balance our love for driving and saving money. Fuel prices are at an ultimate high, making fuel-efficiency a crucial factor for any car buyer. This has also been a motivator for auto brands who have been creating cars that give a significant fuel economy. But like every car lover would second with us, these cars no doubt delivers an exemplary fuel economy they often lack in performance, posting a dilemma towards us. What to opt for – a car with significant fuel economy that saves you money or a car that makes you feel like king of the road every time you take the wheel in your hand? Why opt for one, when you can have both. Yes, we at CarBay present to you simplistic methods through which you can squeeze the most out of each drop of fuel. Keep the performance in-tacked and be miles away from petrol pumps.


Transform you driving habits:

As they say, “Every drop in the ocean counts”, your every minute step can play a sizable role in increasing fuel economy. By tweaking your driving style and being more considerate towards saving fuel, you can see noticeable savings by the month end. First of all, whether you are driving on deserted highways or jam-packed streets, drive smoothly without aggressive accelerating or braking. Also, ensure you aren't driving with the clutch peddle pressed at all time, clutch riding wastage on engine power. Minimising idling also helps a great deal to increase fuel economy, whenever your car id idles for a long time, switch the ignition off. Driving your car at a high speed every day increases fuel consumption, the aerodynamic resistance escalates in high speeds, at faster speed of 100 or 150Km/H, the fuel consumption will be far greater than at a nominal speed. By following these simple tricks, you can boost up your car's fuel efficiency.


Tune up the car:

The importance of keeping your car well maintained is often neglected, but this has adverse effects on your car's performance also its fuel consumption. Periodic servicing wit regular oil change and cleaning for air and oil filters. Also, ensure that you replace the important engine parts with time, keeping your engine hearty by sticking to prescribed manufacturer's maintenance will ensure you car do not gulp fuel voraciously.


Maintain Tire Pressure:

Optimal tire pressure contributes a great deal towards your car's fuel efficiency. Driving the car at the increase or reduced tire pressure than the recommended level, results in the uneven tear, in result accelerating car's fuel intake. Driving on under-inflated tires increase contact between tire and road and driving a car with over-inflated tires loses the grip of the car on the road. In both the cases fuel consumption increases. Therefore, its very advisable to drive with appropriate tire-pressure to ensure your car delivers significant fuel-efficiency.


Lighten your load:

Driving a heavy-weight car put an extra load on the engine, which takes more fuel to run smoothly. The heavier the car the greater will be its thirst. Remove any extra baggage that you do not carry, whether it's the flat stepney or a child seat you don't use anymore. Do not fit extra luggage just because you used it once upon a time. Keep it light and witness a marginal change in your car's fuel economy.


Use Fuel Additives:

Fuel Additives are basically a liquid added in your fuel to enhance its efficiency and quality. Many automakers recommend specific fuel additives to increase the fuel quality for their car. These fuel supplements escalate car's acceleration, its engine performance and most of all delivers better fuel efficiency. If your car doesn't instruct of any fuel additives, you can still use one and see great results.

carpoolAdopt the smart ways:

This is a no-brainer and many of you must have already adopted few of these ways. Avoid driving to short distances, walk instead. If you are travelling along with your friends or neighbours, carpool instead. If you commute every day to the same destination, find fewer traffic routes or beat rush hour by driving before or after peak hours. Follow few or all and decrease your fuel consumption.

adop smart ways

These easy to follow steps hardly require any extra effort or time, but indeed delivers significant results. Each of these ways collaborate to a small increase in your fuel-efficiency, but of you follow of these ways you can notice a 20% increase in your car's fuel economy, saving you trips to the petrol-pump.


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