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  • Dis 01, 2015

I've walked a lot in the mountains in Iceland. And as you come to a new valley, as you come to a new landscape, you have a certain view. If you stand still, the landscape doesn't necessarily tell you how big it is. It doesn't really tell you what you're looking at. The moment you start to move the mountain starts to move” quoted by Olafur Eliasson. These beautiful lines can be rightly co-related with the Sunroof Cars, as they take you to the world of a totally new experience. Be it an occasion or an adventurous trip, from a small kid to an adult, it's a unique feel when you stand high out of the sunroof to be amidst the serene beauty in the outside world. The cool breeze, flocking birds in the deep blue sky, air sneaking in your hair blowing away your senses is truly termed to be living and loving life to bits. Just imagine the scenario at the night, which is even more mesmerizing when you see the star-studded sky and catch fireflies in the dark pitch woods. Woah! Come back as we need to do a reality check before we land on such a blissful journey.

Let's take a look at few yet very important guidelines to maintain sunroofs:-


1) Sunroof Leakage:

Imagine how bizarre it would have been, if your home ceiling would have dripping water or poured gushing water on your swanky interiors including the furniture and interior furnishings. Halt! We aren't relating our article to our home rather wish to indicate the same scenario in your very own adored car. Don't collapse as we are here for your rescue through few methods that can support you in fixing this problem.

1.1) Cleaning Drain Tubes with air

1.2) Cleaning Drains through Metal Wire

1.3) Fixing the Seal


2) Stuck Sunroof:

Under this procedure, one needs to unfasten the glass panel with the help of a drill or a screwdriver. Monitor if there is any kind of cracked or stripped gears/components and in case it stands true then clean up the accumulated scrap or grease. One you are done, attach back the glass panel at its original place.


3) Regular Cleaning Process:

To sustain the life of the sunroof one must clean it at regular intervals in order to rejoice a hassle-free journey. For which a glass cleaner can be put in usage that should be free from ammonia/vinegar. The rubber covering that secures the sunroof should be wiped with detergent soaked in sponge or a soft cotton cloth. Additionally it should be lubricated with a silicone base.

Check out if you discover any wax piled up on the metal frame of the sunroof top, if yes! then take it away with the help of a discarded toothbrush and light detergent. Lubricating the inner linings of the gliding rails is also very vital in order to keep up a smooth sliding sunroof.


4) When not to use the Sunroof! :

When your car is parked near a bus, while passing through under construction roads or buildings, during peak/rush hours, when your car is at halt in the traffic, etc.

Plant through sunroof

5) Avoid Odd Usage:

Are you a plant lover? If yes! Then hold on your young tall plants since they are not supposed to enjoy the sunroof view. Or you might even plan to save money and send those over-sized ladders or similar kind of things sneaking out of your stylish sunroof. A big NO! As its extremely dangerous to do so, just in case if you still need to do that then it is highly recommended to bind them in a proper way.

2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

6) Temperature needs to be taken care of:

In case of low temperature kindly don't open the sunroof owing to the freezing wind chill, as the sunroof can get stuck at the frame and when one would try to open it, that might cause a severe damage/injury.


7) Slouching Vegetation/Trees:

A road trip riding through the green woods is indeed a relaxing and memorable event for the sight. However, these slouched trees, hanging coconuts or any fruit bearing trees in the narrow terrain can cause a serious damage to the sunroof. Additionally, while engrossing oneself in such an experience one should be very careful as the sharp air storm/breeze striking (at a high speed) can harm the eyes, rupture the ribs and can even throughout the traveler out of the sunroof space owing to high speed on the braker(s).

car with kids

8) Keep the Children Safe:

The sunroof is something which not only fascinates adults but are equally captivating for the kids. Owing to this the parents/guardians should be extra careful while using this feature as I smooth gliding/malfunctioning sunroof can chop off the head! We know it's quite brutal to mention this statement, however when this line itself can send shivers to your spine then actuality is fatal.


So we can conclude from these key points that, adventure holds a special place in the hectic routine life yet keeping these directions in concern can help you dodge any sort of accident/injury and can additionally maintain your car in the most appropriate manner.


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