Car Interiors Cleaning Checklist

  • Okt 12, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Car makers are constantly emerging with the new ideas to make their car look better and more appealing. They add in gorgeous styling to make every head turn on the road. But to keep these beautiful cars, shining as new, that's something we, the car owners have to do. While most of us bend over backward to ensure our car's exterior looks brand new even years later, we often skip the interiors. Cleaning in the interiors is a cumbersome task, especially after spending hours to remove every dirty particle from our car's body. But just cleaning the exteriors, makes the outside shiny but leave the inside smelling foul and messy. Cleaning your car's interiors is like inner soul healing, it may require you to put in extra efforts, but with the guarantee of a magnificent driving pleasure. By following CarBay's step-by-step processes, you can thoroughly get rid of stains, dust and litter without a hitch.


Vacuuming It:

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool that can be used to thoroughly clean your car's interiors. For removing dirt and dust from the car seats and carpet, vacuum cleaner comes in very handy. With its multiple attachments, you can also clean the hard to reach areas like under the seats, around the pedals, area of central control and the cabin. Remember to remove the mats and clean them properly as the most amount of dust and dirt settles over them. While cleaning the dashboard, use a soft brush attachment to clean in between the knobs and vents. If your car seats are decked up with premium leather upholstery, be very gentle when vacuuming as they are more prone to starches.


Spraying It:

Despite putting in all efforts of not bringing food or other items in the car, we often tend to make this mistake. Picking up food on the go, or drinking coffee while driving and then spilling the food and drinks on your car's seats, leave stains making your car look unappealing. What to do now? Fret now, as we have got it covered for you. If the stains are serious and hard to get rid off, we suggest you to remove your seat and get it dry cleaned. If the stains are minor, you can use spray cleaners or even hair spray. Just spray it directly on the stain and rub it using a soft brush. Post the stain is removed, wipe the seat using a soft cloth. You can also use laundry detergent to remove the stain and blemishes. Dip a clean cloth into this simple concoction and squeeze it out well, leaving just a tiny bit of moisture (remember no water on the interior). Work harder on dirty areas and finish it off with a soft dry cloth.


Brushing It:

For cleaning the carpet, go with a laundry detergent, as they can very easily remove all the stains and dirt. But while using the solution, be very careful of the amount of water you use. Apply a paste of detergent mixed with water on the carpet, then use a brush to remove the stains. If the stains are hard to remove, repeat this step. Wipe the detergent with a wet cloth and then dry the carpet properly using a dry cloth. Never leave wet carpet in the car, always finish the routine with drying it thoroughly.


Polishing It:

For cleaning the dashboard, use a moist cloth and never let any water get into the electrical devices. If your car interiors adorn woodgrain-finished, you can also use a small amount of polish spray to make it glow. Never directly spray the polish onto the dashboard, instead use a brush to polish the dashboard. Before buying a dashboard polish product, select the one that not only makes your dashboard shine but also protects the plastic.


Aromatise It:

Your car's interiors are now neat as a button and look great. But if they still smell musty and unpleasant, it can ruin the whole appeal of your car. The best way to have your car smelling divine it to use a car perfume or deodorizer. A good fragrance uplifts your spirit instantly. So after a long tiring day at the office, you wouldn't want to drive back in a foul-smelling car. So deodorizer is another must have to keep you car smelling heavenly. You have tons of car perfumes – with fragrances from flowers to fruits to the natural essence. But if you think its super-expensive and a waste of money, we have an economic alternative for you. Get few room fresheners in your preferred fragrance and put them under the seats and one in the trunk to ensure an aromatic ambiance and also save money.


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