A Brief About Car Headlights & It\'s Intensive Care

  • Dis 29, 2015

Kuala Lumpur: As the eyes are a precious part of the human body, likewise Car's headlights are equally important to provide a clear vision for the driver to commute in every kind of climatic condition. In this article, we will be laying an emphasis about not much talked about topic of cleaning car headlights. Along with the ways, that should be adopted to maintain its good health.

What to use to Clean Car Headlights:-

1) Masking/Carpenter's tape

Masking Tape Image

2) Headlight Restoration kit

Car Headlight Restoration Kit Pic

3) Dry Towel/Detailing cloth

Dry Towel for Cleaning Snap

4) Power drill (is voluntary to use depending on the headlight restoration kit)

Power Drill Click

5) Physical Efforts

Manual Headlights Cleaning Still

6) Sand Papers, Window Cleaner/Spray bottle along with cold water

Sand Paper Snapshot

7) Garbage Paper & Wax

Wax for Headlight Cleanup Front

How to Clean Car Headlights:-


Once you are clear in terms of what to clean car headlights with, then Cleaning Car Headlights will require few easy procedural steps to be followed.

1) The car headlights should be cleaned with liquid and water in order to remove the dirt that might have accumulated on the surface with time. The next step should be adopted only when the headlights get dry after cleaning.

2) Before applying the next required material in this cleaning procedure, cover up the area with a tape off present near the headlights to save it from getting affected or getting harmed in any way. It is important to note that certain kind of headlight restoration kit poses a requirement to apply a coat of clarifying compound, and, on the contrary, some don't have this necessity.

3) Spray some water on a Sandpaper making the surfaces wet on both the sides of the paper. Water is being used in order to make the surface of the sandpaper smooth, which acts as a lubricant and helps in prevention of deep scratches.

4) After making the sand paper completely wet, you need to apply it on the headlights while spraying the water constantly during the scrubbing of sand paper in a very gentle manner. This sandpaper is 400 grid in quality and needs to be scrubbed in circular motions eventually making the headlight appear bit milky.

5) Once you complete this step, you'll notice that a plastic like matter comes up on the surface that is a good sign. Further ahead in order to clean up the groove area, a 600 grid sand paper should be used as it can sustain hard scrubbing on the surface.

6) Once the grooves get cleaned, the 400 grid quality sandpaper needs to be used in order to complete the cleaning process further. The cleaning under this point has to be in horizontal movements rather than the circular motions. With the consistent spray of water all through the scrubbing process as done in the previous explanation stated above. The scratches now appear in the horizontal alignment and don't show any yellow oxidized or hazy blemishes on the surface.

7) This step needs to be followed by application of sand paper again but now with a 600 grid quality along, and needs to be soaked entirely in water. The water needs to be sprayed at a constant pace as it was sprayed previously in the earlier steps. All this needs to be done in circular motions with relatively harder pressing while scrubbing.

8) Eventually switch to horizontal movements, and once you realize that a plastic starts appearing on the surface almost partially completes the step of the cleaning process done through 600 grid sand paper.

9) Moving on the next step, we need to clear the plastic appearing on the surface by spraying a considerable amount of water thereafter removing it by applying dry paper. So, that the surface gets cleaned up before we finally finish up the entire procedure. Now we need a 2000 grid sand paper, which is much finer than the 400 and 600 grid sand paper that we used in the earlier steps.

10) The 2000 grid sand paper should be used with the same technique but needs to be in the swirl and horizontal motions that will give a final smooth touch. There might be slight scratches still appearing on the surface that will be removed by dry paper. After which we will be putting alcohol in use but before we do that, cover the entire frontal portion of the car with Garbage Bag that is a black plastic sheet, which will help in saving the car from any negative effects on the painted area.

11) Wipe the surface with alcohol using a dry tissue paper, sprinkle the gloss clear spray in a horizontal manner in at least two coats. Give 5 minutes gap before every sprinkle, this needs an entire day to settle down and gives a sparkling shiny surface.

12) In the Final step apply some wax to polish the surface of the headlight, and we are good to go.

Task Accomplished Photograph

The methodology mentioned in this article is the most simple manner in which the car can have a permanently polished surface. However, in the other kind of methods, it requires the investment of more time, money, and energy that too for a temporary tenure. We are hopeful that this really back you in saving yourself from reaching out to expensive service stations, providing relaxation to your pocket.


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