Tesla Model S to arrive in Malaysia soon, limited to 100 units!

  • Feb 19, 2016

Kuala Lumpur/Palo Alto: Good news for the eco-friendly car enthusiasts in the country as the Malaysian government has agreed to import 100 units Tesla Cars, including the widely popular Tesla Model S in Malaysia. As per the government, this car will be imported on a duty-free basis so as to promote the awareness of electric vehicles (EV) in Malaysia, thus reducing carbon emission. 

The import of Tesla Model S is said to be conducted by Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia). Thus, it is sad to report that the car will be available in a very limited number of 100 units and that too will be exclusively provided to government-linked companies (GLCs) on a two-year lease scheme. Further details will be revealed by the Tesla Malaysia from its headquarters in the US.

 Prime Minister Najib with Model X

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently visited the Tesla Motor Inc. Headquarters and was quite excited to take a test drive of the Model S and Model X. He said after the visit, “We want to create a more sustainable environment. Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles and they have achieved many milestones with the Model S.” He further added, “Malaysia has decided to promote electric vehicles under a special programme where the government will allow imports of 100 units of Model S, premium electric sedans. These cars have zero-emission. We would like to promote such cars in Malaysia.”

 PM Najib in Model X

Prime Minister Najib also tried out the six-seater Tesla Model X and was highly impressed with the capabilities of the car. The unbelievable acceleration of the Model X amused the Prime Minister as well. He said, “I tried out the six-seater X model. Its capabilities are really extraordinary and the display on the fully digital panel is very sophisticated. I couldn’t get onto the highway, but that is a powerful car. It is a very fast car with accele­ration from zero to 100km in three seconds.”

He further confirmed that the Tesla users in Malaysia, for now, will only be the GLCs. So, personally owning a Tesla Model S as a common consumer in Malaysia, seems like a dream for now. However, you can obviously enjoy watching the car on Malaysian streets soon as the car was spotted earlier undergoing road tests in Malaysia.

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Image Courtsey:  malaysia-chronicle.com, New Strait Times Online

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